I have always loved paper and pens. In school, I couldn’t wait to get to 3rd grade so I could learn cursive writing and use a ballpoint pen. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was a life goal. Over the years I played around with the calligraphy markers and fountain pens but things took a turn in 1996 when I took my first official calligraphy class. My lifelong obsession suddenly became legit! After attending untold numbers of workshops, conferences and conventions, in 2006 I said “see ya!” to the corporate life and hung out my calligraphy shingle. Since then, I’ve put words on so, so many things - paper, canvas, wood, drums, drumsticks, clay pipes, chalkboards, mirrors, people… you get the idea. What can you dream up?


The happiest part of my business is helping people who love the written word make their ideas and dreams a reality.
For example:

  • You’ve got a special event coming up and you want your guests to feel special as well, whether it’s receiving a beautifully addressed envelope or receiving a unique and exciting place card or name tag.  According to Emily Post’s biography, etiquette ultimately boils down to making your guests feel special and comfortable, calligraphy achieves just that.
  • You have a special event or corporate event and you’d like your guest to take away a personalized favor, like a wine or pint glass.
  • You have meaningful words that you’d like to have artistically rendered to give as a gift - to another or for yourself!