Monoline vs Dip Pen

For Special Event projects, almost every lettering style has 2 option monoline (seen at the top) and dip pen.  Monoline is done with a “regular” pen, in almost all cases it’s water-resistant gel pens.  Dip pen is done with old school metal calligraphy nib dipped into ink or with paint brushed on the nib.



  • It’s a less expensive option because the working time is faster and there’s very little drying time so no studio space is sacrificed for drying racks.  


  • The loss of dramatic thicks and thins that can be achieved with dip pen. 

  • Limited to already existing pen ink colors, although the colors are numerous

Dip Pen


  • The beauty of dramatic thicks and thins within the letters

  • Ability to custom mix colors.


  • Additional cost due to the additional time to do each piece and the extended drying time.